What's in season

The consumption of fish is a hot topic in the press and rightly so; it’s very important that fish is eaten as it tastes fantastic and is really good for you. However, stocks have been reduced and it’s important that we are aware of what fish we eat as consumers so we can help reduce the impact we have on the fish population.

TThe most natural way of eating fish is to eat those varieties that are in season, and therefore plentiful, at any one time. This is truly the most sustainable method when it comes to choosing what to order. Please see the seasonality chart attached.

We at Murray's Fish place an emphasis on the method of catch as well as the species itself. The reality is that when the net is lowered into the sea, the fisherman can’t avoid catching certain fish that may be on a list of fish to avoid. When any fish has been caught it should be eaten and enjoyed, not thrown overboard. By placing an emphasis on sourcing fish from day boats we believe that less damage is done to the fish population. We believe that this is better than plundering a ‘sustainable’ population.Take a look at our seasonality chart to see what's in season.

Take a look at our seasonality chart to see what's in season. Please see below a list of some of the products we are encouraging our customers to use as an alternative seafood dish:

  • Monkfish cheeks and liver
  • Coley Fish Fingers, 50g and 100g fingers, the perfect hot dog substitute
  • Cod cheeks
  • Skate cheeks
  • Edible seaweed
  • Live crayfish
  • Octopus
  • Cuttlefish
  • Stone bass
  • Large fresh river trout
  • Torbay soles
  • Dogfish
  • Salmon and herring roe
  • Green crab
  • Black bream
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