What we do


By purchasing our fish and using the information we provide, our customers are reassured that they source fish from sustainable and well managed fisheries (see what’s in season).

Standard next day delivery

Orders are taken the day or night before.  We receive the catch from between 1am and 4 am, orders are then packed, prepared and delivered around London. Orders are typically received between 8 and 10am.

Same day delivery

We are always willing to make a delivery on the same day.  Due to our central location we are always on hand to help out the chef in need, whether it be due to another table booked or a surprise function request, we are able to turn around an urgent request for fish, often in under an hour.


Our highly skilled fishmongers are able to prepare the fish as the chef requires.  All fish can be gutted, filleted, skinned, portioned as required. 


We believe that seafood is at it’s best when it’s completely fresh which is why we give you 'Today’s catch, today’. We also know, and can let you know, the journey our fish have taken and make sure that our fishing methods work in harmony with the environment.

Prepared as you want

When it comes to fish preparation we have a team of highly skilled filleters on hand to fulfill any requirements. Maciej, our head filleter, will ensure your fish is prepared exactly how you like it, all you have to do is let him know. From gutting, through to filleting and scaling we can handle all your prep needs no matter how big or small. And if you need advice, we’re on hand to offer that too.

Packed with care

Our packers, Ruben, Damien and Donna, will then get your order ready with speed and with care, packing it in ice to ensure it’s as fresh as it was the morning we caught it.

 The Catch

Chefs receive a daily email every morning listing the fish that has been caught and its price. This message service works well as it allows the chef to order the fish in his own time. We also look further ahead and assist our customers with their planning for future menus. Please call us to discuss what’s going to be in season for the period you are planning for.

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