About Murray's

Murray’s Fresh Fish is a specialist wholesale fishmonger supplying top quality fish and seafood to many of London and the South East’s top restaurants and hotels.

Since starting as a local weekend market stall in Battersea, selling the best of the catch from the South coast, we soon moved into providing line-caught species to some of the capital’s finest Michelin starred chefs. The excitement of supplying these restaurants and the buzz around how we sourced our catch resulted in us supplying a full range of species to caterers in and around London. Our challenge was to maintain the quality with a wide variety of fish. That was, and still is the mission of the business.

We now provide the finest catch direct from the coast daily from our unit in Bermondsey, London. This location enables us to source the freshest fish from all parts of the UK, rather than relying on the catch of one location like many of our competitors.

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